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It helps a lot. A big help. I have never experienced sleep paralysis before but have had several experiences in my boyfriends place and nowhere else. While struggling to open my eyes and move i could hear heavy footsteps almost scampering away almost like I was interrupting something. I hope it was all in my head but recalling how i could clearly hear my boyfriend next to me and feeling fully alert makes me wonder sometimes. I hate having this.

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  • Here's how to wake up from a bad dream— and fall asleep again quickly.

I always find myself trying to scream. Say help, anything. Nothing works. Ive been suffering SP for a few years now and its frightening, i get it at least once a week but sometimes i get it a few times a night. I just went to put my 5 year old daughter down to sleep there and lay in bed with her and we both fell asleep but i slipped into a SP, i could see the television in the room but couldnt move or talk then i felt my body shaking violently like someone was attacking me and i could hear a sound like violins from a horror movie playing but i knew it was SP and my mind playing tricks on me and after what i believe was no more than a minute i woke up still feeling tired but too afraid to close my eyes again, my daughter was fast asleep beside me.

Im thinking of seeing my doctor as its happening a lot and hopefully over space of time i can get rid of these horrible experiences. Sleep paralysis is so amazing and terrifying at the same time. My mom, and I think one of her brothers, have had this happen before.


I know my mom and I both use prayer. The first time it happened to me, I tried all the wrong things. I was scared, doing everything to move and fight it, and I would not stop trying to yell. After I prayed, I had a feeling to stay calm, and trust God. It worked! Even though I got through it, I was too scared to sleep in that room for a while, but unfortunately it happened in other rooms.

Sleep and the Brain

One interesting experience, was when I consciously had my eyes open, but the dream continued around me for a little bit. One of the most terrifying experiences was when I was spinning around and felt my blood pulsing as if I was being stoned from the inside. After a while, I had an experience where a T-Rex skeleton was coming at me.

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  8. It was much easier to stay calm without seeing what was around me. The SP experiences left me for quite some time, until this last school year. It started happening quite frequently again. One of my friends told me she had SP experiences, but told me that she did not know how to black it out like I do. I realized that I actually have some power over the state, then. Maybe I need to try to use unconscious powers. Instead of letting fear get to me, I embrace the experience and treat it like a dream. It is a different experience when I do that, though.

    Today, I tried the third person method. When I focused on the scary creatures, I thought of loved ones. The creatures turned into them, with their harmless characters! Sure, when I have fun with it, it lasts longer, but should I sit in fear, or learn to enjoy it. I hope other people can learn to enjoy and control it, too. This may sound weird but does anyone else experience pain as they break the SP. It happens to me when i lay on my back.

    I just count to three then i make myself jump up. My heart rate increases alot but it works. Anyways ive learned not to sleep on my back now. Something like this happened to me about 20 years ago. It was horrifying. I was sure it was evil. It started out like a train was just outside my bedroom window with the roaring and violent earth shaking.

    Once it felt as if my bed was being violently shaken by some force.

    How to wake up from a bad dream - Insider

    Just as everyone states I could not move or scream as hard as I tried. I did not want to go to sleep. I thought I was going insane.

    As I said nothing in 20 years until recently, I had a different episode. The other night it felt as if someone had crawled into the bed with me, on occassion my daughter will. But the very strange thing was that it felt like someone laying on me! It was so errie.

    My daughter was not in my room. Now a few hours ago I had to lay down with back pain and had a horrible time trying to awake from feeling like someone was at my door, then pulling at me like trying to wake me up. I hate this. I experienced SP i believe it was last week in my Holidays in one of the Nights. We lived in an old House from the century which was out of stone. The Dream began like this: In my back was a person, a little girl and she lived some hundred years ago, she stood between the bed and the window looking at my back, her face was covered with shadow.

    From there I was falling into a mode where the environment was very psychodelic like rushing of particles or something, difficult to describe exactly. Then I decided not to fall into this mode again. After that I woke up and thought: that was very interessting. My method had always been to close my eyes count to three and use every bit of energy to sit straight up. I truly believe this is demonic warfare. I understand it is possible to be the brain causing it all due to uncontrollable fear and being in a half-asleep state, but so many experiences has really shown me to believe the latter.

    I only googled this because I just several hours ago awoke from an attack. When i was young, I used to be in wrestling, and starved myself to cut weight. I was malnourished and depressed, and did marijuana to help myself cope. I was already anxiety ridden and pretty psychotic.

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    6. I had sleep paralysis every time i went to sleep, and it put me through hell. It grew to the point where i didnt have to even be sleeping to be attacked. Nobody listened to me, and nobody believed me.

      What Causes Adults and Children to Wake Up Crying?

      I just grew more experienced with it over time and long thought. I tortured myself and would inflict pain upon myself everyday, trying to make myself invulnerable to pain. I did so much to myself that nothing scared me or could hurt me. That didnt stop the sleep paralysis though. I often feel the sensation of falling into sleep paralysis. But you will slowly but surely make movement little by little. Assuming you sleep on your back, rocking your head like this will allow gravity to help pull your head each time you rock it, and you will begin to make more and more movement.

      As long as you are making this movement you cannot fall into sleep paralysis. If you stop for more than seconds, prepare fore a ride. But if you keep doing it, you will in no time rock so much that the physical movement itself will wake you right up. I havent fallen into a sleep paralysis state in over 5 years using this method. But last night… I was having weird nightmares. In the last nightmare, my cousin woke me in my room and still in the nightmare and i was gasping for air and falling down curling up an trembling telling him if he ever sees me sleeping to just wake me up, and i told him he needs to turn on my light, an i went for the light and reached up and my body froze and i fell into a blanket.

      I felt something mount me, and hips press into me. I felt like something was about to try to fuck me, and i panicked hard. My heart was pounding so hard. It was scary. Absolutely terrifying. I hope others can use my method to save themselves from these experiences. I just got one of these nightmares 10 minutes ago which made me do a little research due to the fact that I was too scared to go to bed.