e-book THE UNOPENED STOCKING: A New Holiday Yarn for Dads and Families Who Love Them

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So fun! I have to watch the movie Elf. A new tradition may have to be making your salted pretzel chocolate chip cookie dough snickers bars… because honestly, those were amazing! On my Christmas bucket-list: I want to bake and decorate gingerbread men, and also find some new Christmas ornaments for our tree this year!

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Before Christmas, I want, and need to finish shopping for Christmas dinner and finish buying presents for everyone. I also want to plan my trip to Oregon and Washington that I will be taking right after the holidays. I started following your recipes after I came across your crockpot ramen soup, which was awesome!

Since then I feel like I usually make something from here every other week. I have a long list of baking projects to attack when I get to my parents house for Christmas, including peppermint marshmallows and gingerbread in as many different forms as possible!

The only thing on my list to do by Christmas is to tell each of my family members how grateful I am to have them in my life and to thank them for being themselves! Oh goodness, I love the potpourri idea. The one thing I really really want to do before Christmas is make cookies with my kids. They are great ages this year and I know it would be so fun. Oh my God!! These little bags are adorable!! Such a great gift idea.

This is perfect!! Thank you for sharing. Staub is my absolute favorite, too, and I obviously want to win. My bucket list is longer than infinity. I want, I want, I want the days to have 40 hours so all I want to do fits in a day, haha. Ice fishing with the family with a bonfire on the lake.

The Gifts We Want to Give in 2018

Gingerbread house building contest and Pirate Gift exchanged with friends! How could I say No? On my to do list is to tell each of my family members and each of my friends that I love them and just how much they mean to me? I have a lot to do in a little amount of time!

Most importantly, i would like to make some baking memories with my daughter. The most important item is to finish up my holiday crafts, making the annual ornament and a art project for a gift. Enjoy the holiday season! My bucket list items include: finishing up a few handmade gifts I tried to make something for my friends this year instead of buying things , as well as making an epic gingerbread house!

Finish posting all packages and mail. Find a good iron skillet — this is where you come in [smiling]. And my happiest challenge is to find a dog not a puppy as a gift to myself for Christmas. Thank you — this totally inspired me to get a pot of potpourri simmering! And before Christmas…we have five young daughters who are anxiously waiting to go get a tiny Christmas tree from the woods for their bedroom. I remember doing the same as a little girl and loving. Perhaps tomorrow. My big bucket list hope is to get all 6 of my children and their families in my home at the same time to celebrate Christmas.

On my bucket list is to make a bunch of cookies and get out to ice skate and enjoy the season!

I love St. Judea and what they do for children and their families. They are a charity I try to support throughout the entire year. My bucket list includes: giving to a local charity, picking out a real tree but mini, tabletop size! To finish knitting my Christmas gifts. See Star Wars with my son on Thursday.

Bake Merry Cherry bars and macaroons. Decorate the tree. This year I knitted the ornaments! Pray that the Yoda and Darth Vader gingerbread men look as good as they taste! Watch animated vintage Christmas cartoons with the family. He lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Massachusetts so it lets us start celebrating a little early.

This year I am bringing back an old tradition for many years of breaking a couple of different types of bread for family. I stopped doing this about 10 years ago, because it seemed like live got too hectic this time of year. Oh and of course, there are my homemade Christmas cards. I started those back in October. They mailed tomorrow! I follow you on pinterest and today I became a subscriber.

I really like your blog. Our week before Christmas is about people, not presents. As a native Memphiam, St. Jude has been our special charity for almost 51years! Thank you very much for this beautiful Staub pot! I am so grateful for being one of the chosen winners for this giveaway! How fun for them to take home and have the smells in each and every house! Thanks so much for the instructions……a great idea!!! That sounds like such a great idea! And something I am sure their parents will enjoy! Let me know how it goes Cindy! I am planning the menu and the schedule so that I can coast into the Christmas Event without breaking a sweat!

So much to do, but I too love this time of year and with planning and a day by day schedule I can get everything done without too much stress. That sounds so great! I hope you have an amazing holiday and everything goes well!

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Let me know if you have any questions! On my pre christmas bucket list — Christmas cards! I love that you still send Christmas cards! I used to love to see all the ones we got from other families!