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Langham said, referring to the prewar glory years when the legendary decorators Elsie de Wolfe, Ruby Ross Wood and Rose Cumming opened uptown stores that helped to expand their reputations and lure top-drawer clientele. They lured great decorators, too: Billy Baldwin graduated from arranging fabric samples in Baltimore to teaching the society set about modernity and restraint while working for Mrs.

Wood in the mid's. In the last 18 months, Vicente Wolf, Richard Mishaan, Todd Romano, Christopher Coleman and Sabrina Schilcher have opened stylish stores around town that are like perennial show houses in their lively originality. Report, Page 9. Many factors have contributed to the rise of decorators' stores, which waned during the 's. That era saw prohibitive Manhattan rents and the popularity of to-the-trade design malls like the Decoration and Design Building at Third Avenue and the New York Design Center at Lexington Avenue, with a wide variety of sources under one roof.

Later, Mario Buatta, Barbara Barry and the late Mark Hampton opted for the potentially more profitable alternative of licensing their designs for furniture and fabrics to large companies, which marketed and produced them. Gomez added. OF the new crop, Mr. Langham's store at East 60th Street, just east of Lexington Avenue, is the grandest and most ambitious to date.

The handsome two-story building, with new Palladian windows, black shutters and a vermilion front door, is a chic presence on a somewhat insalubrious block.

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A pizza parlor bustles next door; the loading dock of Bloomingdale's clatters across the street. Langham said blithely, as a delivery truck shuddered into reverse. Stepping inside, it is startling to discover an opulent haven of quietude, with a foot ceiling, an 18th-century tall-case clock, comfy velvet sofas and a fire roaring in the grate.

It's the quintessential country house salon, mirrored in high-voltage colors -- peacock-blue pillows, walls a jaunty shade of mango. Besides antiques, Mr. Langham is showing his own line of upholstered furniture, based on classic English shapes. Having a store that vaunts his whimsical style is the culmination of a longtime dream for Mr. A thousand years ago, the cyclops one-eyed giant Fashum, who used his single 'eye of terror' to rob an immense treasure from a thousand caravans, was petrified by his brother Fasir, now a Director: Toby Shelton.

Writer: Jan Strnad. Added to Watchlist.

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Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Scott Weinger Aladdin voice Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Jason Alexander Abis Mal voice James Avery Haroud Hazi Bin voice Dan Castellaneta Genie voice Ed Gilbert Fasir voice Gilbert Gottfried Iago voice Linda Larkin Princess Jasmine voice Frank Welker Edit Storyline A thousand years ago, the cyclops one-eyed giant Fashum, who used his single 'eye of terror' to rob an immense treasure from a thousand caravans, was petrified by his brother Fasir, now a blind seer, who prophesies in cryptic terms what's going to happen to Aladdin.

Runtime: 21 min. Well, what are you waiting for? Get me that eye! Haroud: laughs You mean, I will have the honor of being first to touch the eye? Abis Mal: Yes! I mean, no, no! Of course not! Ha ha ha! Nyah ha ha! Haroud: Shudder at your name. Abis Mal: pulling out the eye Oh, you think?

My fall was broken by my spine. Now, who will be my first victim? Abis Mal: grabs Jasmine and uses her as a shield Go ahead.

Use it to turn your princess to cinders! Jasmine gasps. Fashoom picks up the fallen eye and puts it back; it changes into a real eye. Fashoom: Ah, yes.

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Abu and Iago start crying; it looks just like the scene the old man showed earlier. Abis Mal: gets down on his knees Oh, please! Spare me! Do what you want to him, gestures to Haroud but leave me alone! Fashoom: laughs You cannot stop Fashoom!

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Fashoom will once again rain destruction upon the land! And he begins with you! Fashoom tries to zap Jasmine and the others, but they jump out of the way, and the bolt hits a silver shield Aladdin is holding and bounces off it to the ceiling just above Fashoom. Abis Mal: holding a bottle Forgetting something, Aladdin?

Uh, now how about letting me out? Jasmine: Aladdin, what about Abis Mal and Haroud?

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Do you think you could find him again? Fasir takes off his blindfold; he has one eye like a cyclops, with a red iris. He chuckles and starts to walk away, then disappears. Pan to another painting of Fashoom, with fire shooting out of his eye. Painting of stone Fashoom. Narrator: For a thousand years, none of this has mattered. Until now. Close up of Fashoom painting; his eye is a red precious stone, which glimmers. Setting: the streets of Agrabah. Old man: Perhaps I can help you find your way.

Iago: Oh, great, the blind leading the incompetent.

The Kahlil Gibran phenomenon.

The man swings his stick at Iago and barely misses. Iago squawks. Iago: And I see The man blocks Aladdin with his cane. Old man: And who mentioned money? Aladdin: Well, I - I just assumed that, uh Aladdin: Ah, well, thanks but no thanks.

Prophet Motive

Many are afraid of the future. Aladdin stops and turns around. Aladdin: Afraid?! Aladdin: Hey, I am not afraid, old man. Go on, tell me what you see. Old man: The Mouth of Mamoon-Ra has spoken. Iago: Hey, what am I, chopped camel meat? What about my future? Old man: I see you weeping over his motionless form. Abu: Ooo Old man: Remember, Aladdin: Appearances can be deceiving. Iago: Am I the only one having an anxiety attack?

Setting: in the palace garden. Abis Mal: Gotcha. Grunts with effort Quick, Haroud!

Prophet Motive

Haroud pulls a jar full of moths out of his jacket. Carpet stops struggling. Carpet flies over the palace. Jasmine: Carpet, no! Setting: just outside the palace. Aladdin, Iago, and Abu are returning to the palace. Iago: Ahem. Jasmine: Aladdin! Iago: Oh, him Aladdin: We need some transportation, Genie. Genie changes into a chariot, and Aladdin and Jasmine jump inside. Starts to run away, but Genie changes him into a horse and hooks him up to the chariot They chase after Abis and Haroud on Carpet through the marketplace. Haroud: Crumble, sir? Abis Mal: Crumble!

Yes, ya ha ha!