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It shows the dark side of the advanced society, whether in Sweden or the Czech Republic. Kiruna — A Brand New World. The film raises the question whether Europe in post-history and post-humanity, sweetly anaesthetized to collective unconsciousness, will pretend as if nothing had happened.

The Southern Belle

The purpose of the resulting film play is to make the viewer reflect on different aspects of humanity. A filmed explication and a discovered script, composed of melodies and images for a film that was once supposed to be made. Images become a parable of our own mortality.

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On a most real stage of all, a director of this hybrid film lets an unreal story flow. The world of imagination and the world of bleak reality start moving away from each other. Photographer Don, a resident of Kibera, a giant slum in Nairobi, says that in his photographs he tries to capture the positive side of his home — not suffering, misery, and resignation, but hope, determination, and creativity.

Working with the unique photogenic qualities of the slum, the film is structured as a series of interviews with local residents. Besides Don, we also meet local artists, a teacher, and a boxing coach. The protestors, primarily young people, rejected the limitations on local autonomy made by the communist government.

In his first-person participant documentary, director Tze-woon Chan and his hand-held camera become a part of events in the island city. But I made Yellowing to document the Umbrella Movement, in the hope that our initial intent and belief might be remembered and be reminded of. A mixture of documentary and fiction as seen through the eyes of a non-participant observer, this drama presents the life of the fisherman Maldonado.

Although it tends to repeat itself, it reveals something new every day. We always observe a different part of the daily work of a fisherman, or see it from a different angle. This sense of conflict is heightened by contradictory motifs on-screen and in the voiceover. Words clash with images, the everyday with the extraordinary, space with time. Modern times leave him on a threshold: a way of inhabiting that no longer finds its possibilities.

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That frailty that cracks into his world is what we intent to film. City of Shame and Pain: The Aftermath. Brian Khast. A Wifely Duty. Joannie Kay. The Abduction of Edith Martin. Anon Anonymous. Lady of Pleasure. Delilah Marvelle. Kneeling Before Her Knight. Arabella Kingsley.

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Taken by Pirates. The Lascivious Monk. Jean-Charles Gervaise de Latouche. Venus In The Country. Sleeping Beauty Bound and Awakened. Jenevieve DeBeers.

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