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Two years have passed since the Outbreak, and after joining forces with his friend Gabriel, he has managed to stay alive by fleeing to the peaks of the Appalachian Mountains. With supplies running low, and enemies gathering, the two survivors are forced to begin their journey west to Colorado. Along the way they will find unexpected allies, reunite with old friends, and make deadly new enemies.

There are many who do not wish for peace. As the Free Legion declares war on the survivors of Hollow Rock, Gabriel and Eric find themselves drawn ever deeper into the growing conflict. Aided by a fledgling militia, and a small contingent of federal operatives, the two warriors must find a way to defeat an unyielding enemy that threatens to destroy all they have grown to love. During the Outbreak, like billions of others, a man finds himself infected with the Phage.

Desperate to spare his family from watching him become a walking nightmare, he flees. Soon after, he is dead. Two years later, he wakes up.

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Not in the afterlife, but in his own body. Trapped, unable to control the monster that carries him, and forced to witness the horror of its existence. With the dark cloud of civil war gathering on the horizon, Gabriel Garrett struggles to protect his new home and the new life he has just begun.

But as he soon learns, a man's past has a way of catching up with him, and Gabriel has more than his share of dark secrets. When his world is shattered, he will walk a path of vengeance across a land where the dead hold sway, and the living count their lives in seconds.

No easy hope

His enemy is the deadliest he has ever faced, and in this battle, there is no justice, no redemption, and no mercy. There is only revenge. For Caleb Hicks, survival means hiding in plain sight. Trained from a young age to be a super-soldier, he has worked hard to keep his abilities hidden. But after a disastrous mistake forces him into military service, hiding his skills becomes increasingly difficult.

To maintain his cover, he isolates himself, rarely speaking and discussing his past with no one. The brain is the crown jewel of the human body. For centuries, scientists and philosophers have been fascinated by the brain, but until recently they viewed the brain as nearly incomprehensible. Now, however, the brain is beginning to relinquish its secrets.

Scientists have learned more about the brain in the last 10 years than in all previous centuries because of the accelerating pace of research in neurological and behavioral science and the development of new research techniques. As a result, Congress named the s the Decade of the Brain. At the forefront of research on the brain and other elements of the nervous system is the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke NINDS , which conducts and supports scientific studies in the United States and around the world.

II. Hell Is a Cold Place

This fact sheet is a basic introduction to the human brain. It may help you understand how the healthy brain works, how to keep it healthy, and what happens when the brain is diseased or dysfunctional. The brain is like a committee of experts. All the parts of the brain work together, but each part has its own special properties.

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The cerebellum coordinates movement and is involved in learned rote movements. When you play the piano or hit a tennis ball you are activating the cerebellum. The uppermost part of the brainstem is the midbrain, which controls some reflex actions and is part of the circuit involved in the control of eye movements and other voluntary movements. When people see pictures of the brain it is usually the cerebrum that they notice. The cerebrum sits at the topmost part of the brain and is the source of intellectual activities. It holds your memories, allows you to plan, enables you to imagine and think.

It allows you to recognize friends, read books, and play games. The cerebrum is split into two halves hemispheres by a deep fissure. Despite the split, the two cerebral hemispheres communicate with each other through a thick tract of nerve fibers that lies at the base of this fissure.

Although the two hemispheres seem to be mirror images of each other, they are different. For instance, the ability to form words seems to lie primarily in the left hemisphere, while the right hemisphere seems to control many abstract reasoning skills.

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For some as-yet-unknown reason, nearly all of the signals from the brain to the body and vice-versa cross over on their way to and from the brain. This means that the right cerebral hemisphere primarily controls the left side of the body and the left hemisphere primarily controls the right side. When one side of the brain is damaged, the opposite side of the body is affected.

For example, a stroke in the right hemisphere of the brain can leave the left arm and leg paralyzed. Each cerebral hemisphere can be divided into sections, or lobes, each of which specializes in different functions. When you plan a schedule, imagine the future, or use reasoned arguments, these two lobes do much of the work.

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