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Structurally, the game follows the blueprint established by classics like Knights of the Old Republic. First published In , the story has been frequently anthologized as a classic example It's weird that, even though we hear the story from Rainsford's perspective and even though he undergoes the most profound change—or, really, the only change—we still only see him experience fear and the struggle to survive.

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It's time to start telling the truth, starting first with yourself. Richard Edward Connell, Jr. Can you pitch in a few bucks to help fund Mother Jones' investigative journalism? We're a nonprofit so it's tax-deductible , and reader support makes up about two-thirds of our budget.

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Jan 11, David Naiman rated it it was amazing. Some submissions read like short stories and others like an early chapter in a book, but all have an interesting story and perspective to share. Well done by all.

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Aug 11, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: Released under the "We Need Diverse Books" imprint, and it does an excellent job proving once again why that statement could not be more urgently true. Many of these stories were about coming of age, starting to take on more mature responsibilities while at the same time coming to terms with a more mature, less rosy-colored understanding of the world. I personally found "Difficult Path," "Sol Painting," "Secret Samantha," "The Beans and Rice Chronicles of Isaiah Dunn" and the title story "Flying Lessons," the most affecting, but different readers will likely resonate to different stories, and that's the whole point of the collection.

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This was the summer read for the middle school kids I teach, and I'm looking forward to having a lot of great discussions with them. There's a ton to dig into. Jan 11, Emily Mead rated it really liked it.

This anthology makes me so happy. YES for diverse middle grade books about all different kinds of things - about being a trans kid, disabled, PoC, native And 2 they're still overwhelmingly American. What I would love to see is a diverse stories anthology with contributions from all over the world, because everyone's story This anthology makes me so happy.