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Program-Level Dashboard Template: Use this template to create regular reports on your data for the leaders of individual departments or programs. Table of Contents: Introduction to performance measurement Planning to measure Choosing what to measure Determining how to measure Preparing to use your data Putting your performance measurement system into action.

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The basic idea of Evidence Based Management derives from the area of medicine. The management of modern organisations should also be based on scientific knowledge and empirical findings. Thus possible outcomes of decisions are much more predictable. The division manager of a global marketing research firm notices a massive team conflict in one of his operating units.

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Strong community, high spirits, better performance. Sounds like a simple plan. Measurement as Learning: What Nonprofit CEOs, Board Members, and Philanthropists Need to Know to Keep Improving Measurement has become an increasingly hot topic as more funders want to know how their money is being used and as nonprofits undertake evaluations to prove that their programs work. But one of the most important uses of measurement is to improve performance. Building a Performance Measurement System: A How-To Guide This practical guide developed by Root Cause provides detailed guidance on developing a customized performance-measurement system, including developing internal dashboards and external report cards, analyzing performance data, creating a culture of learning and continuous improvement, and using data-based evidence to build funder confidence.

Decisions Based on Evidence

David Hunter provides history, context, guidance, exercises, and tools for those who wish to move their organizations toward performance measurement. Too often, though, it provides incomplete or misleading information, as was the situation at Our Piece of the Pie OPP , a Hartford, Connecticut-based youth-services organization.

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Here's how its leaders tackled the challenge. Ten Thousand Strong This case study from Business Strategy Review shares five key lessons from the Goldman Sachs 10, Women initiative to create an effective performance-measurement approach and shows why signature philanthropic initiatives should build measurement into their programs from day one. Portland Public Schools: From Data and Decisions to Implementation and Results on Dropout Prevention Many school-district leaders in urban areas struggle to reduce dropout rates but find themselves overwhelmed by the problem.

There are, however, a few districts making notable progress toward reducing their number of dropouts, including Portland, Oregon, Public Schools. This case study shares strategies for addressing dropout rates.

Measuring and Improving Productivity: A New Quantitative Approach

Great Valley Center: A Case Study in Measuring for Mission Great Valley Center worked to develop a system that would allow the organization to assess performance and share results easily with key stakeholders. The process of putting measures in place helped the group's leaders clarify their strategy and also tested the logic that linked each of their programs to the results they hoped to deliver. Breakthroughs in Shared Measurement This report covers 20 social enterprises that developed innovative and coordinated web-based approaches to evaluate their impact across multiple grants and stakeholders.