Guide Lettres soufies : Raison, révélation et tradition au Sahel (French Edition)

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Ida Kelvin lol it did not even take me 5 minutes at all! Etudes de mythologie hindoue II. L'inscription dite " de Vo-canh ". Martini: Pancabuddhabyakarana. Vidal, G. Martel, S.

Lettres soufies : Raison, révélation et tradition au Sahel

Lewitz : Notes ethnobotaniques sur quelques plantes en usage au Cambodge. Wong Sheng-San. Guenther, Th. Pigeaud, J. Boisselier et divers II et III.

Description III pages, 22 illustrations et 3 cartes hors-texte. Sprung from the depths of Inner Asia to confront Lamas, Shamans and whoever they regarded as idolatrous, Muslim missionaries leapt to the Silk Road in the hope to expand their Islamic faith and mysticism. While the Jesuits were only meeting with little success in the region, these Samarqandi Sufis succeeded in rooting their beliefs, spirituality and power in society. When, in , Afaq Khwaja, a prominent figure among them, ascended the throne of Yarkand and established a regime based on the practical and spiritual principles of Sufism, a new ruling order, yet unheard of in the history of Asian Islam, was founded.

At the outermost borders of China, Tibet and Central Asia, Sufi masters ishan were setting up a saintly dynasty and seizing temporal power. Braving both the Qing Empire and the Lamaist Tibet, the Naqshbandi Khwajas of Eastern Turkestan implemented a political and religious utopia in which the subjects were required to become companions and the saints to become kings.

The Khwajas' ideal was primarily aimed at securing morality and orthodoxy, yet it revealed a speculative questioning about the world and its sufferings. Based on unpublished - and for some, unknown - manuscript sources, the present book relates the history of these mystical rulers from their arrival in the Tarim basin in the 16th-Century up to their definitive ousting by the Manchu armies by the 19th-Century. Through the concept of Ishanate, the book raises the issues of political Sufism, utopia, power and sanctity.

Book entirely written in French. Part II. Part III.

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Part IV. Description pages, figures, 33 planches hors-texte. Gardin et P. L'exploitation du sol en Bactriane antique. Etudes sur la circulation en Inde. Les ponts ancien s de l'Inde addenda et corrigenda.

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Les Birhor, chasseurs collecteurs, nomades du Bihar. Vergati Stahl. Pou et P. Les cpap' ou " Code de conduite ", khmers. Cpap' Kram, — B. L'orchestre de mariage cambodgien et ses instruments. Etudes cam. L'introduction de l'islam au Campa. Le moine khotanais Devendraprajda.

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Description pages, cartes in texte, 27 tableaux. Le tableau de Tirupputaimarutur Sud de l'Inde. Catalogue du fonds bengali. Tibetica Antiqua I. Palynological investigation on the Borobudur monument. Po Dharma. A propos de l'exil d'un roi Cam au Cambodge. Tomes Tyr avant Hattin : Chap. Damas et Le Caire au secours de Tyr. Tyr, ville royale. De Montferrat, Seigneur de Tyr. La politique de Conrad, Seigneur de Tyr. Tyr sous Henri de Champagne.

Les dames de Montferrat.

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Tyr et Baibars. Destruction de Tyr — Index des noms des personnes et des lieux,. Description Frontispice, pages, 28 planches hors texte. Louis Malleret Biardeau : Etudes de mythologie hindoue III. Lewitz : L'inscription de Phimeanakas K. Etude linguistique. Inscriptions modernes d'Angkor 4, 5, 6 et 7. Le linteau de Va Preah Theat. Les stupa aux cinq piliers.

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Le bain dans le Gange. Sa signification. Le " Voyage en Chine de ". Description pages, 83 planches in texte. Archeological Finds in South India. Deux cents ans d'indianisme.

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Le japa. Sinhalese Medical Manuscripts in Paris. Indian Medecine in Sri Lanka. Le Campa vu du Sud. Etudes Sumatranaises. Van Binh. Sommaire Une partie du document : PDF.

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Description pages, 1 pl.