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Once again victims are slaughtered by the brutal creature, or else dragged away to its lair to be devoured later.

With them he has seized a fortress, and defies anyone to remove him from his new seat of power. Will you? The crazed wyrm will cause great harm, unless she is slain once more. Will you lend your sword arm to help bring about its destruction? Then I'll have cake. Or maybe ham. Possibly ham-cake. First I'll need to find a pig, and a cake tree Her they took alive, and sold to an arena master who sought a powerful monster for his beast fights. Tisiphone fought countless matches at her owner's behest, her entire world one great tapestry of sand and slaughter -- until Erebus the Black freed her in the years before the first war between drakes and men.

Now that she's returned, alongside the rest of her brethren, her memories have brought her to the Colosseum. Will you join the fight, and take your place in their ranks? Hargamesh Through powerful sorcery, a being which once existed only in the magical realms has been brought forth into the physical world. However, his scholastic methods -- which include the wholesale slaughter of any pupils or fellow educators who oppose his tyrannical rule -- are rather unsuitable for the hallowed halls of West Krunan scholarship.

Why not lend your hand to this splendid cause? So when the brute woke up in the material realm, he didn't stop to think about the implications of his existence. Instead he grabbed his weapons, then went off to bash people. And guess who's got to clean up this mess?

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But this isn't a spectator sport, so get out there and help! Now that he's been resurrected by the drakes' necromancers, pulled back from the depths of the underworld, he's assaulting the mages' tower once more. Tower of Vigil Cuthbert Kessov has turned traitor, preparing his family's troops for war even as the kingdom struggles beneath the weight of the draconic invasion and the myriad other horrors which beset it in these dark days.

Why the head of so noble and respected a household would descend into base treachery is unknown, but the threat must be vanquished. A great army has gathered, and prepares to attack the Tower of Vigil -- the first of the fortifications protecting Kessov Castle.

Watcher's Tower The first tower has fallen, and the force of assembled warriors and adventurers presses on towards Watcher's Tower, the second line of Kessov defense.

In times gone past eagle-eyed sentries atop that structure would gaze out towards the sea, watchful for enemy vessels bringing war to the shores of West Kruna. But now their eyes are turned to the heartland of the kingdom, as they prepare to repel those loyal to King Jamus. Red Sky The towers are now cracked and charred shells, their centuries-long vigil ended by the combined might of West Krunan chivalry and heroism.

But greater challenges lie ahead for the loyalist forces. Beyond the land guarded by the towers are more fortifications -- three sturdier bastions ready to endure the slings and arrows of war.

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Will you charge into this grueling battle as well? Bloodwater The echoes of soldiers' cheers still hang in the air behind you.

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But grim reality lies ahead, smothering joy and replacing it with bitter determination. For though one fort has been stormed, its fanatical defenders overcome in spite of their ferocity, two more yet remain. Glory Two fortresses burn, charnel houses of battle now filled with the corpses of attacker and defender alike. There's no time for funeral rites -- not while Cuthbert Kessov remains within his castle, surrounded by his loyal forces. The dead must wait. In the murky depths of the past a great victory was won by the courageous defenders of that fortress, who withstood the assault of a force many times their own number.

You can only hope that history won't choose to repeat itself. Kessov Castle Cuthbert Kessov stands atop the battlements of his ancestral castle, crying out in defiance, treachery, and blasphemy.

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A darkness seethes within his breast, and those of his troops who were taken alive after the destruction of the towers and forts speak of how his fiery gaze infected their minds. Some horror has taken hold of the nobleman, and bent him to its will. But that changes nothing. He must be vanquished. The two of you must do your part. Will you fly to the rescue, and save your friend from the Watcher's malevolent claws? Phaedra the Deceiver Silver dragons and whelplings fill the skies overhead, their mirrored scales shimmering in the sunlight.

But only one of the great drakes is real, the others mere illusion.

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She's a dangerous foe, however, and that quest may end in tragedy unless other bold warriors lend their blades. It's said that great treasure might still lie within, wealth and relics that were once a dragon's hoard. Countess Serpina "Pathetic. A duel with the likes of you wouldn't be worth the effort it would cost my maid to scrub your blood from my tunic. If you wish to have the honor and privilege of dying to my sword, bring some of your wretched friends so that I can at least gain a modicum of entertainment from the clash.

We cannot allow such treachery to go unpunished, yet with the drakes waging war on West Kruna our legions cannot be spared from the field. So we proclaim that anyone who raises their own forces and takes part in the assault on Kessov territory will be deemed a true champion of our beloved kingdom. A rather significant problem. You see, during the battle with Echthros an adventurer used arrows coated in a special alchemical mixture which she believed would burn the demon from within. One of the ingredients was hydra's blood.

Well, it appears that the blood had a rather unwelcome effect. It infected Echthros with that monster's power of regeneration. Oh, it's much worse than that, sire.

Gunnar's Game

You see, our brave heroes hacked the fiend into little pieces. Each of those pieces has regenerated into a new demon But now their foolish meddling has brought a new abomination into being.

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The dark sorcery meant for Erebus touched the souls of other fallen dragons besides, melding their spirits together within the black drake's resurrected body and filling it with seething energies which even that mighty flesh can scarcely contain. The monster must be destroyed, before these unbound powers ravage the kingdom. Krykagrius Echidna has appeared. That fearsome drake's coming had long been anticipated, for she was one of the greatest terrors during the ancient war against the dragons. But she remained hidden while her brethren wrought carnage on a new generation of West Krunans.

Until now. She's descended upon the land, even more terrible than the chronicles recount. By virtue of ancient prophecy and inscrutable power, celestial or infernal, Echidna cannot be slain. Her wounds heal as swiftly as they're inflicted on her scaly hide. The prophecy claims that only the claws of her children may ever claim her life, and she has no fear of this -- for those wyrms are loyal to their mother, and would never betray her.

But perhaps the prophecy can be fulfilled nevertheless Krykagrius is her scion. He may become part of her destruction Treachery and the Tower "Men and women of West Kruna, why do we risk our lives and our children's lives fighting against the dragons? Oh, King Jamus and his lackeys tell us that we have to shed our blood in the name of freedom -- but whose freedom? Are we free now, when we have to pay Jamus' taxes and doff our hats to every nobleman who saunters by on his way to the brothel? They say the dragons want us to worship them. I say, so what? Why should we care if we bend our knee at their altars instead of Karuss' or Brough's?

What difference does it make to common folk like us? This is a rich man's war, where we die so they can keep living in luxury off the sweat of our brows. Well no more!

I say we march over to where Cuthbert Kessov tried to resist Jamus' tyranny, and occupy one of the towers. Let's see them try to conscript us then! Perhaps you should intervene, lest this holiday become a bitter tragedy.