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I know the feeling. Breaking News.

MIA Music Summit, finding new rhythms in Miami’s tech transformation – Knight Foundation

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In the past couple of months, rumors that Rihanna is pregnant started to swirl after she attended her annual Diamond Ball charity event in New York. On the red carpet Rihanna told, "I'm a black woman. I come from a black woman, who came from a black woman and I'm going to give birth to a black woman. She has not confirmed or denied the speculation.

Rihanna did post a sultry video in a bikini that broke the internet.

As The Blast first reported, sources told us people who worked with Rihanna on a video believe the pregnancy rumors to be true. I was sitting in my apartment, tracing over the scars that now scattered across my body. Some where darker than others, being they were deeper.

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I frowned as I continued to trace them. It's weird, because when I do it, all feels okay.

As if I'm in control of something for once. But after I clean it up and it's no longer bleeding, I regret it instantly.

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Because instead of just having one little scar like it started out with, I'm now one big scar. My life is one big tragedy. I can no longer look at myself in the mirror, and feel whole. I thought that sleeping around with Sebastian would somehow make me feel something, that something inside of me would come alive. And while it feels nice at first, I later find myself hating what I've become. My mom planned on visiting me today, which I was too eager for, but I couldn't deny her. Not after the promise I made to my dad.

I think of him often, dust and bones, lying in an overpriced coffin. Sometimes, when I think of cutting myself, I hear his voice in the back of my head, begging me not to harm myself. That I'm his little girl, all he's put faith into, and that to cut myself would hurt him..

Rihanna Apologizes For Being MIA, Focusing On Finding Balance In Life

But I can't stop, because for some reason, that's the only thing that can spark a bit of hope in me. It reminds me that there's still a beating heart inside of me, and I'm not as dead as I feel. At noon, I got up, because my mom told me she'd be here by one.