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A null mutation in the gene that encodes the UNC receptor causes HSN guidance defects at a penetrance that is similar that caused by a null mutation in the gene that encodes the UNC-6 guidance cue. Anterior is to the right. Ventral is down. Alleles shown in all panels, except where noted in panel D, are unc-6 ev , slt-1 eh15 , sax-3 ky , unc e HSN axon guidance was scored as defective if the axon failed to reach the ventral nerve cord.

The syd-1 ju2 null mutation enhances HSN guidance defects in unc-6 null mutants.

However, the syd-1 null mutation does not enhance guidance defects in an unc null mutant. Guidance defects in an unc ; syd-1; unc-6 triple null mutant are not enhanced relative to unc ; unc-6 or syd-1 ; unc-6 double null mutants. C The syd-1 null mutation enhances HSN guidance defects in ev and tm hypomorphic unc mutants.

Alleles for panels A and B are unc-6 ev , syd-1 ju2 , unc e Alleles for panel C are unc ev , unc tm and syd-1 ju2.

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The function of the syd-1 gene in axon guidance is mediated by the SYD-1C isoform. A Schematic of the three isoforms of SYD-1 and location of three mutations. The ju2 mutation is a nonsense mutation that affects all three isoforms. The tm mutation is a deletion that affects all three isoforms.

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Guidance defects in unc-6 null mutants are enhanced by the ju2 and tm mutations, but not by the ju82 mutation. Guidance defects in a syd-1 ; unc-6 double null mutant are rescued by expressing SYD-1C in the HSN neuron with an unc :: syd-1c transgene. We ask that you please contact the ride leader listed below to let them know you would like to come as a guest to this ride.

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If the event has passed, click the "Event Report" button to read a report and view photos that were uploaded. Return to Grid View Today. Welcome to the Joy of Sax Route! This ride attracts a fantastic group of riders and is well thought out and meticulously planned to accommodate all cyclists who fit the ride classification above. We do wait at turns for others.

"Sax Please"

Please come prepared and be ready to roll out on time and ride as a group that respects each other's capabilities. See the "Who is this ride for? Who is this ride for? This ride is for the following riders: A.

Riders seeking to consistently improve their skills, strength, and endurance. Riders who enjoy helping others improve and respect each rider's abilities.