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Most of our readers probably don't keep lions or elephants, but if you've got some adorable pics of animal friendship , we'd love to see them.

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And vote for your favorite animal buddies, too! Torgeir Berge Report. Barcroft Media Report. Barry Bland Report. Bary Bland Report. Solent News and Photos Report. Animals are emotional beings as much as humans. These photos are a wonderful peek into this world of animals love. Oh my Bacroft USA Report. Their story is one of my favorite ones. But I always wonder what will happen when the dog will die and the lion will lose his friend Golden retriever are such sociable dogs.

They will adopt any abandonned baby animal or hurt animal. Isobel and Martin Springett Report. In Cherl Kim Report. Don Johnston Report. Juia Report.

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Best buds! Rats are very social animals and a lone rat as a pet is a stressed rat needing companionship. Stay here, you're safe with me", said Dog. Helen J.

Arnold Report. Duluth Animal Hospital Report. Brian J.

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Henry Report. I'm okay. Just don't get yourself involve in those low-life gangsters", said the Cat.

Year in Review 2017: Unusual animal friendships that made us smile

Dima Barashkov Report. Bunny here about the carrot you gave me to eat". Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app! Your image is too large, maximum file size is 8 MB.


Not your original work? Add source. Error occurred when generating embed. Please check link and try again. Some animals get along. Some people do, too. But not all animals. You can't infer from these pics that they get along much better than we do. These photos are awesome.

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    No thanks Sign me up! Final score:. JanHurt 4 years ago Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my! AbigailFinger 4 years ago I can't get over how funny those two are!

    LauraSchroerPatterson 4 years ago Animals are emotional beings as much as humans. JeanneDeaux 4 years ago Oh my This routine lasted for five years, until Moses stopped showing up, presumably because he had died. When the waves of the devastating tsunami struck the coast of Kenya, a baby hippo was separated from his herd and became stranded on a coral reef. At first, the tortoise wasn't interested in this friendship, but eventually, they became inseparable, eating, wallowing in a pond, and even sleeping together. They lived in the same enclosure until , when Mzee was removed from the enclosure because of safety concerns; Owen has since bonded with a female hippo named Cleo.

    Enjoy this video of Sabre, an year-old miniature horse, hanging out with his friend Arrow, a 2.

    Year in Review Unusual animal friendships that made us smile - National |

    Though these two animals would normally be fierce competitors in the wild, at the Pet Porpoise Pool Marine Park in Coffs Harbour, Australia, they're the best of friends. Jet and Miri met as babies, and according to pool specialist Amy Carter , "They struck up a friendship really early on as they are the youngest. If Jet sees Miri going past he sticks his head out of the pool to say 'hi' and they make noises to each other.

    In , Isobel Springett rescued a fawn that had been abandoned by its mother in her yard, placing the tiny animal in the dog bed with her Great Dane, Kate. I knew she was a good dog, but I didn't expect her to mother the fawn. And though her babies won't get close, Pippin still comes in for a nose rub, which Kate returns.